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Our Team

Managing Director

Jennifer Jordan has spent her career helping entrepreneurs and investors build valuable enterprises.


She's cold called asset managers and launched the first internet coverage at a Pacific Northwest investment bank, managed investor relations for a publicly traded Santa Clara software company, and invested in early stage technology companies for the state of Massachusetts.


Most recently Jennifer served as Vice President at MassVentures where she led the firm's investments in Ginkgo Bioworks (synthetic biology), ClearGov (data transparency), (ML and AI that lets sales people sell), MachineMetrics (industrial IoT for advanced manufacturing), and FairMarkIT (digital procurement).

To focus on building Trust and Transparency in AI, PickAxes & Shovels has assembled a stellar set of advisors:

  • Joy Buolamwini is an expert in bias in artificial intelligence and Founder of the Algorithmic Justice League. Her work at the MIT Media Lab has called companies including Microsoft, IBM, Megvii, and Amazon to account for biases in their facial recognition systems. 

  • Nicola Palamarini is a member of IBM Watson Research where his focus is on AI and healthcare. He currently manages the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and serves as its AI Ethics lead. 

  • Massimiliano Versace is CEO of Neurala Inc. and a pioneer in deep neural networks and edge learning.  

  • Sarah Biller is an entrepreneur, investor, and expert in financial services and capital markets. She co-founded FinTech Sandbox and is now Executive Director of Vantage Ventures to accelerate entrepreneurs' and innovators' world-changing ideas.

  • Nidhi Aggarwal is founder and Chairman of Qwiklabs (acquired by Google) and an expert in data and cloud architecture. She is currently leading data structure and digital transformation for major financial institutions.

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